Ioanna Lennox Interiors (ILI) is a Sydney based interior design practice that specialises in beautiful, layered and evocative interiors, which showcase
the design studio's passion for exceptional quality, fine craftsmanship and considered interior design.

Our aim is to provide high quality design and create sophisticated, timeless and life-enhancing interiors. From Sydney to Paris to South Australia, ILI have designed not only aesthetically pleasing but luxurious and liveable homes for families of all shapes and sizes.

Our commercial and hospitality experience ranges from small scale office fit-outs to medical centres and restaurants to aged care facilities.

ILI’s designs not only add value to a property, but also enrich the lives of the people who inhabit them. 


Ioanna Lennox is the Creative Director and founder of ILI.

Ioanna has been fascinated by design, architecture and interiors since her childhood. Many of her mother's home design magazines were cut up and turned into elaborate collages of make-believe houses. In 2012, after studying interior design, Ioanna left a successful corporate career to start her own interior design practice and follow her passion.

Beauty, quality and functionality are the cornerstones of ILI's design philosophy. Ioanna's approach to design is intuitive and passionate, and good enough is never an option. We conceive beautifully layered, emotionally rich interiors, where every detail is considered and customisation plays a key role. Our interiors are infused with a luxurious, glamorous and contemporary design aesthetic, while capturing our clients' desires and aspirations. 

Creating the perfect home is a journey that is best shared with someone who not only understands your needs, lifestyle and passions but can bring your vision into reality.

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Good design is wonderful to look at, but when good design is inherent in our interiors - whether residential or commercial - it impacts the way we live, the way we work and the way we feel.
Good design, and all the myriad decisions along the way that are necessary to achieve it, can take
a space from good to magnificent.

Whether you are after modern glamour, a sympathetic heritage renovation or a transitional contemporary style, our creative process is underpinned by a disciplined approach to project execution and collaborative client engagement to achieve the ultimate goal - great design and a house you can proudly call a home. 


client consultation

We enjoy getting to know our clients and tailoring each project to suit their needs and desires. Together we go over the plans, discuss timeframes and budget, and define the project brief.

We value working collaboratively while providing expert advice to achieve the best possible result. 


concept development

Concept development is the visual translation of the brief by means of 2D electronic boards, 3D renders and visualisations, physical materials and finishes.

ILI aims to address the functional and practical aspects of design, while ensuring each project is aesthetically beautiful, multi-layered and considered.


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spatial planning

A well laid out a space can have a totally different experience to one that has been poorly planned.

ILI understands the importance of spatial planning and can help clients maximise the operational requirements and efficiency of any room or development.


design documentation

We use our knowledge of space planning, interior detailing and joinery construction to document each project as required.

This technical documentation ensures accuracy and ease of construction and the highest quality end product.


furniture & finishes

ILI has access to a wide supply network for furniture, lighting and accessories, which we source on behalf of our clients. 

Our full design service includes material specifications and finishes for bathrooms and kitchens, product procurement and custom making of joinery and casegoods, selecting furniture, soft furnishings and window treatments to create a unique conceptual direction for every project.


art curation

Art is often the basis of our design concept or colour scheme. Art is expressive, can be bold and courageous or quiet and reserved. It always makes a statement though and spaces that are filled with art are richer and have stories to tell.

We help our clients find artworks that expresses them and display it in its best light. 


project management

Our Project Management services ensure that the design intent is realised and our clients' objectives are carried out to the highest standard. 

This service includes regular site visits and quality assessment of works, supervisions of trades and coordination of contractors, project programming and helping clients with cost management. 



All our furnishings selections are chosen to complement and enhance clients' existing pieces. ILI act as decorators and curators while helping clients make informed decisions. 

The styling is the icing on the cake of every project. We love not just giving our clients new spaces, but creating new experiences and leaving them with a new way of interacting with their environment.


Best Interior Designers, Sydney

Accolades are somewhat subjective but we are honoured and proud to have won industry awards over the years and to be classified in the top of the interior design field.



My husband and I always wanted to complete our home by getting a style that flowed throughout. We had a few pieces of furniture and artwork that we wanted to keep so our brief was to tie everything to this as a starting point. In addition we decided to renovate 2 bathrooms and also update our bedroom and teenage son’s bedroom.

Ioanna Lennox Interiors (ILI) were referred to me by a friend and I couldn’t be happier with the end result. Ioanna was not only able to pinpoint exactly the style we were after, she also threw in a few bold ideas which I am glad we accepted as they are now the talking point of our house. The products she was able to source are very unique.

It is not only in the design area that Ioanna and her team excel at. ILI project manage trades very well, not accepting anything less than 100% from their contractors. I don’t think I have ever spoken to anyone renovating that has had a project completed exactly to the time frame given. In our case it was not far off and only delayed due to issues uncovered when rooms were taken apart.

It is hard when you spend so much of your time with someone over the project and then it is completed and you totally miss your weekly catch ups - to me an obvious sign of a great operator.

Client, Queenscliff House

I can’t recommend Ioanna Lennox Interiors highly enough! Ioanna has a great understanding of the industry and a vast catalogue of suppliers she uses. Not only was she a great listener in terms of what we needed but also an expert at picking out just the right pieces. The way she brought it all together at the end was really masterful – I could have never done it on my own. We’re now saving up so we can tackle a few more rooms in the house and work with Ioanna and her team again!

Client, Mosman House

As a photographer, it’s always my joy to work with people who have such amazing talent and natural flair for the work they do. Ioanna Lennox Interiors has both and so much more. Ioanna Lennox, the principal designer and director of the practice will fast become one of the leading interior designers in Australia. Her attention to detail and understanding of textures, colours and trends is amazing. I look forward to creating more beautiful work with her. She definitely makes my life as a photographer so much easier.

Photographer, Susan Papazian