Turning bedrooms into a sanctuary.

The external facade and beautifully landscaped gardens of this relatively modern house in Sydney's west belied the internal spaces and tired bedrooms. 

Our clients engaged us to refurbish and redecorate the upper level of the house - in essence, to transform the master bedroom, guest room and daughters' bedrooms - as well as their home office.

The brief was to mingle a sanctuary-like feel with modern amenities and contemporary design. Our clients wanted to have a wow factor but at the same time feel welcome and cocooned in their new bedrooms. 

We developed a theme for every room and let this unravel through everything from the colour palette to the soft furnishings, furniture and accessories chosen. The master bedroom draws from the serenity and seclusion of a hotel room and became a dark sexy parents retreat. For the teenage daughter's bedroom we played with a modern boho theme and for the guest bedroom we took our cues from the vibrant leaf wallpaper that anchors the room. 

The joinery in the home office was designed with the singular purpose to expand the room and create large working surfaces. Functionality and comfort were both key, without compromising style and aesthetics.

The results are dramatic and uncompromising - both in quality and visual richness.   

Photography by Amanda Prior